No Jury Duty This Year

Did you know that the characteristic thump thump thump of a helicopter is caused the the leading edge of a propeller blade encountering the trailing wake vortex of the blade before it? I learned this nifty fact while serving on Jury Duty a few years ago. This year the Jury Duty summons was for the week after Christmas. A slow week. In the event I got called in, I was going to bring Forensics for Dummies to help pass the time.

WordPress, CVS, and Plumbing

My final act of 2004 was getting a fresh install of WordPress checked into CVS in a way that gives me full version control over all of the non-content pieces, and let me run a test blog against live content to test out template, style, and code changes. On the list for 2005 is to write down the steps. There are a few non-obvious kinks.

The first act of 2005 was dealing with clogged drains. Plumbing problems do not make for an auspicious start of the New Year.