Pending Rennovations

The TL;DR version: I’m shutting down this blog and starting up another. I’ll post the new link here, and to twitter (@dws).

The slightly longer version: For the past few years, with good (and fun) reasons, I’ve had too little attention left over for writing here. There have been some changes on that front, and I’ve accumulated a backlog of things worth writing about.

The boring technical version: I noticed several years back that I was having to upgrade WordPress nearly every time I sat down to write. I was also having to pass on the sad news to friends and colleagues that their WordPress sites had been hacked. I thought my site, which I’d spent some time hardening, was safe and would survive long enough for me to replace it. My ISP had other thoughts. They just sent out an urgent advisory that they were doing to disable older versions of WordPress. So, if you’re reading this, that hasn’t happened yet. They did; I upgraded. I’ll be replacing this site with a new one, using a static site generator.