Garden Defense

Slugs and snails are a big challenge for gardeners in my area. Some of last year’s Basil went down to slimy defeat, even though it was in a raised Earth Box. I’m trying lettuce and chard this year, which is like hanging out a blinking Neon “Free Buffet!” sign. What to do? Investing in Sluggo wasn’t appealing. Copper is supposed to repel slugs and snails, but wrapping copper tape around an Earth Box seemed like overkill. All you really need to do to keep the slugs and snails out is surround the wheels under the box…

Looking around the hardware store, I hit on the idea of wrapping copper tape around 4″ PVC drain filters, then setting the Earth Boxes wheels in the filters. (Drain plugs were cheaper, but filters avoid having standing water.)

Construction was trivial. (The alcohol was to wipe down the plugs to give the tape a clean surface to stick to.)

Behold, a well-defended Earth Box!

Total cost: $7.50 per box. It would have cost less (about $4.50 per box) to just wrap each box in one strand of copper tape, but the extra few dollars were worth it for aesthetics and fun.

Update, on year later: Did it work? Yes. I found one snail in one box, but no evidence of others.