Still Alive

Hi. I’m still here. Been busy.

The short version: I took a new job, then we moved.

The slightly longer version: I joined Google. After working in narrow, sometimes obscure industries, or on things I couldn’t talk about, the chance to work on products that touch millions of people was compelling. Building things at Google scale is a bit beyond anything I’d taking on previously. That meant a lot of new stuff to learn, and a few things to unlearn. Discretionary time took a serious hit; many evenings have been given over to study. Then, partly because we missed living in Mountain View, and partly to get our daughter in to a well-rounded High School, we bought neat little house in Mountain View that needed some work, and camped out in it for several months while our furniture stayed in San Jose to help sell the old house. Now we’re looking ahead at doing some remodeling. Eeek. And, just as things were finally settling down, I signed on as a mentor for my daughter’s High School robotics team. The competition season starts in 10 days. Eeek. There goes the next few months. (Months? Maybe longer. We’ll see.)

Life has been… disrupted. Mostly in a good way. I don’t know that that means for this blog. We’ll see. I’ve learning a few things along the way. Time permitting, I’ll write about them.