My Technology Radar for 2010

ThoughtWorks recently published their Technology Radar for 2010. I liked the format, and borrowed it to organize and prioritize my own Technology Radar.

Here’s where I plan to invest learning time this year.

My Tech Radar for 2010

1. I’m continuing to actively explore how non-trivial relational data models can be mapped on to distributed data stores. I’ve seen relational databases pushed to their limits, and need to look beyond that. There’s a gap. The non-relational (e.g., NoSQL) work I’ve seen so far hasn’t gotten beyond simple data models. What do do about large, transactional schemas remains a puzzle worth investigating.

If this moves from ‘assess’ to ‘trial’, it’ll probably involve Google’s Big Table, by way of Google App Engine.

2. When building web apps, making them look good is my weak point. It’s time to get better. That means some deliberate design experiments and exercise time with CSS, followed by cleaning up the UI on a Google App Engine hack from last year.

3. I’ve been using git as a CVS/Subversion replacement, and not much more. It’s time now to get serious and master the rest of git, and to level up by branch fu.

4. Some of the data analysis problems that I run into could benefit from a good statistics package. R seems like a useful tool to get acquainted with. I can see this getting bumped from ‘assess’ to ‘trial’.

5. The Silicon Valley Patterns Group’s current track is on Haskell. So far, it’s been mind-bending in the same way that Smalltalk was on first encounter. There’s depth to Haskell that’s worth experimenting with, though I don’t yet see using Haskell for production work.

6. Colleagues are doing some very cool stuff with Clojure, a LISP for the JVM. My plate is too full to be spending time with Clojure right now, so it’s on the radar as a hold.

7. Arduino is there for the fun of building something tangible, and for the opportunity to re-learn some basic Electronics. This is a hold-over from last year, and is the most likely thing to remain undone at the end of this year.

As with any plan, this will likely be completely upended by year-end.