Flu vaccinations that cover the H1N1 virus (AKA “Swine Flu”) are supposed to be available in a few weeks. This is a vaccination to seriously consider getting.

I won’t be needing it. H1N1 just made a pass through my family, taking us out like dominoes. I was out of action for six days. And I mean out. This is not a virus that’s going to let you catch up on work at home.

On a flu scale of 1 to 10, I give H1N1 a 7. Fever, chills, fatigue, massive sinus drainage, a lot of coughing, and a seriously trashed sleep schedule. On the upside, no vomiting.

So do yourself a favor on this one and get the shot. If you decide not to, consider stocking up on chicken soup, tea, throat lozenges, and a stack of light reading material.