Podcast Recommendations

Every so often a podcast comes along that’s worth several listenings. Today was number two for Nat Torkington’s “Design for the Future” talk from this year’s Webstock. Nat gives a history lesson that draws together the Crimean War, the Victorian internet (5 baud telegraph!), and Florence Nightengale (as an early proponent of reality-based medicine). He then looks at what those bits can teach us about current trends, looking in particular at the sad state of the news industry and at software development for cell phones. A thoughtful, informative, entertaining talk that I wish I’d been at in person. Fortunately, the audio quality is quite good.

I’ve been working my way randomly through the Webstock 08 recordings, and have been generally pleased with the quality of presentations. If you listen to technology podcasts, check these out. They’re a bit slow to download, but worth the wait.