My backup strategy missed a spot

I have a pretty good backup scheme for most of the digital bits in my life. Or so I thought until Friday, when my cell phone decided to lose its address book. Lose as in gone. Poof. “Selected memory empty”. Three years of accumulated phone numbers, vanished. I was able to recover some from the “recent calls” lists, and some really, really old ones from the phone’s SIM chip. And I’m sure that I’ll find more of the missing numbers by digging through email. But numbers exchanged at clients, conferences, workshops, and other chance encounters are all gone. (If we swapped phone numbers in the last three years, please drop me an email. Or give me a call. My number hasn’t changed.)

Figuring out some way to back up the address book on my old-skool Nokia has been somewhere on the TO DO list for a few months, but never made it to the front of the list. Oops. Oh, well, the next phone will have a sync/backup capability. And I’m sure that many of the numbers I lost were stale anyway. Losing them is just an extreme form of unplanned spring cleaning.