My GTD Nightmare

My version of the Getting Things Done nightmare goes like this: I’ve just completed a weekly mind sweep, getting lots of messy stuff converted to Next Actions on 3×5 cards—stuff so messy that I can’t keep it straight in my head. I’m gathering the cards up to leave for some important appointment when I notice that one of the cards—the Agendas card—is missing. Without it, I have no idea who I’m supposed to talk to, or about what. And there’s urgent stuff that needs doing! I’m fanning through the cards in a growing panic when I notice another card has gone missing. But before I can figure out which card it is, the alarm goes off.

At least it’s not that “trying desparately to find the final exam for the class I never bothered to go to or even buy the textbook for” nightmare, or its “oops, I found the exam, but seem to have forgotten to put on pants” variation.