A sudden rainbow

Earlier this week I was driving South on highway 101 at sunset, into low, gray clouds and light rain; conditions almost perfect for one of the double rainbows that we get a few times a year during Silicon Valley storm season. The sun was setting directly behind me, and the Eastern foothills were a solid gray of light rain. There were clouds overhead, so there wasn’t enough canvas to paint a full rainbow. Instead, Mother Nature took a pass on subtlety, and let loose with one of the most intense rainbow fragments I’ve ever seen. Strong red and orange, a wide band of yellow that was almost painful to look at, and on through the rest. There was even a band of something past indigo and violet. Octarine?

It only lasted for a minute or two, then faded out from the bottom as the sun set. Fortunately, I was in stop-and-go traffic that stopped long enough for me to grab the camera and get one shot as the rainbow was starting to fade.

Sunset Fragment