An unexpected “generation gap” moment

I was standing around in a hardware lab yesterday with the two twenty-something guys from hardware ops who’d just helped us move a bunch of computers out of my team’s area and into a safer space where cables won’t get kicked accidentally.

We were waiting for DNS updates to propogate so I could verify the health of the stuff we had running on the boxes. The two ops guys were talking T.V. and got on to “Heroes”, which I haven’t seen, but had just read a bit of news on*.

“I hear they got George Takei to play Hiro’s father,” I added in.

Blank looks.

“Uh, Ensign Sulu?”

Blank looks.

Uh oh.

It is so easy to forget that the cultural stuff we grew up swimming in is just a layer of sediment to people who grew up later. Or sediment under sediment in this case.

*Via Bill Humphries.